Wellputt Mat Concept

The ultimate putting tool !

A good putt is the result of correct aim and speed control.
The Wellputt mat is designed to putt from both directions, you improve accuracy in one direction and ensure proper ball speed in the other direction.

The Wellputt mat trains player accuracy and speed control

Distance / Speed Control

Putter stroke control from various lenths 3ft, 6ft, 10ft

Alignment line for the putter face

(squaring the putter face and body)

Alignment Line

on the mat to train accuracy

Putter head stroke control

to get through the ball

Incorrect eye position to see green circle below the ball

Incorrect eye position to see green circle above the ball

Correct eye position to not see green circle

Wellputt Zone

The essence of the Wellputt mat concept resides in the way we think about putting. For the first time you will make your ball roll over the hole and have to stop in the “Wellputt zone”, or “good putt zone”.

Good Putt Zone

It is proven that a putt that has enough speed to finish between 12 and 24 inches behind the hole will resist slopes better and therefore has a better chance of going in.

Uphill Putt Zone

For advanced golfers this zone will develop a good offensive attitude while securing the return back putt.

Downhill Putt Zone

As in the uphill putt, this zone will develop a finer sensitivity for the player while securing an easy return putt.